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Westport Magazine: Nov/Dec 2015

For the menu, Roytman looked to the cuisines of Germany, Belgium and Switzerland as well as the Alsace region of France and Northern Italy. The concept “happened organically,” he notes. “We had been somewhat enamored with the German beer hall concept, but as we started to research and dig a little deeper, it became obvious that this cuisine, and this style of eating and drinking, was not exclusive to Germany. We started to find so many things that inspired us in Switzerland, and Alsace, and Belgium, etc.…and that was that.”

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The Hour: October 31, 2015

TheHour-10312015“While Walrus and Carpenter is Southern-inspired American cuisine, we like to think of Rothbard as its European counterpart,” Farrell said. “We will be serving foods from the Alpine region and there’s really nothing like this in the area.”

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