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PS by Macaron Hoarder: August 28, 2016

wc-press-psbymh-08282016“I don’t really care sounding incredibly biased when I say that there is nothing disappointing about Rothbard. The first time I sat at the bar for dinner, I thought I walked back into Oxford. Or somewhere in Berlin.

It’s the European pub with the understated, modern finishes to make the sophisticated American comfortable. The dim lighting is alluring, but not dark. The seating is stylish and comfortable, but not heavily worn.

The menu is simple, but the meal tastes as beautiful as it looks.”

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CTbites: May 8, 2016

RB-Press-CTbites-06092016“Rothbard Ale + Larder is helping nearby businesses make it through the workday grind with a lunch catering menu. Groups from 5 to 50 people can order a variety of salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Rothbard has also expanded its regular kitchen hours to include dinner Tuesday – Sunday and lunch/brunch Wednesday – Sunday. Enjoy the extended hours in their new outdoor patio!”

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Westport News: May 8, 2016

WestportNews-05082016” The event also was a great opportunities for restaurants to share their fare and connect with the community.

“It’s fun,” said Ariana Scianna, bartender at Rothbard Ale + Larder. “Honestly, as a brand-new restaurant it’s really good to see all the restaurants that come here year after year. And it seems like a really good crowd for a great cause.” ”

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CTbites: March 27, 2016

CTBites-03272016“Overall, Rothbard Ale + Larder is creating modernized interpretations of central European recipes in a cool environment. From a refreshing and light endive salad to a table sharing Schweinehaxe, the unique menu, combined with a tremendous selection of beers will create a culinary adventure for friends and family.”

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CTbites: March 22, 2016

CTBites-03222016“Rothbard’s menu is filled with interpretations of traditional, comfort food, and their Patty Melt started with a simple recipe, added a little bacon, swapped the cheese and let the kitchen work its magic. Whether you call it a Patty Melt or a Cheeseburger, it is one of the best bacon-cheeseburger-patty-melts in the area.”

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Total Food Service: March 9, 2016

TotalFood-03072016“What’s your customer service philosophy?

JOE: Casual fine dining: The focus is on the food, flavors and intent of service. We avoid pretense, focusing our efforts on running a clean shop, listening to our customers, and creating a lively atmosphere every night. Welcome customers as guests into our home and join in the experience with them.”

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Hartford Courant: March 2, 2016

HartfordCourant-03022016“Old Europe is made new at Rothbard Ale + Larder. The European gastropub in downtown Westport comes from the team behind Walrus + Carpenter , the American gastropub in Black Rock. Rothbard gives us a contemporary take on Swiss, German and Austrian food — rooted in tradition, yet youthful. Think sausages and Sriracha.”

Read more: January 26, 2016

Asher-01262016“The dish was made up of Kielbasa, Bratwurst, and Weisswurst (the three core members to any good sausage dish). The Kielbasa was extremely crisp and oily on the outside, and tender and juicy in the middle. The sausage was snappy and slightly spicy, but with one delicate smear of grainy mustard the sausage presented the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy (the holy trinity in the flavor world).”

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