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Westchester Magazine: December 30, 2016

westchestermag-12302016“Okay, it’s not technically Westchester, but it’s worth the drive to Westport for the revamped German food at Rothbard Ale + Larder. Don’t miss the käsespätzle – a skillet of tiny dumplings, coated in a Gouda-gruyere cheese sauce and topped with buttery breadcrumbs. It’s up there with the best mac ‘n’ cheese we’ve ever had.”

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CTbites: December 13, 2016

ctbites-12292015Listed as a “10 Must Drink Cold Weather Cocktails in Fairfield County”

“I searched for a sangria addition that would be to my liking but none fit the bill until I went to Rothbard. The wine is heated with an array of spices and is then spiked with brandy, a little O.J. to sweeten it up, and a Stroh 160 floater (an Austrian rum) that’s briefly set on fire. It’s not served boiling hot, but it’s perfect for those chilly nights.”

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Greenwich Time: October 10, 2016

greenwichtime-10102016“Choosing the top 100 restaurants was a challenge. CTBites’ goal was to provide a diverse view of cuisine in our region. An initial list of about 200 restaurants suggested by contributors provided a starting point. After a series of rankings and discussions, additional visits and cups of coffee, the list was whittled down to 100 options.

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The Hour: October 5, 2016

thehour-10052016With its German accent, Rothbard in Westport is pretty much in Oktoberfest mode year round. They did have a special event one night, but you can get an authentic experience any time. They’ve always got the schnitzel, sausages, and sauerbraten along with a great selection of beers. Declare your own Oktoberfest anytime the mood strikes and head on over.

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The Hour: September 14, 2016

thehour-09142016“There’s a new place in Westport that makes schnitzel, just like it’s made in Austria. Let’s meet there for dinner,” said our friend Robert, whose travels across Europe have given him a taste for hard-to-find Wiener Schnitzel.

We met the following week at Rothbard (, a Rathskeller-style restaurant with brick walls, high windows, and a beamed ceiling at 90 Post Road East. The plate-covering schnitzel — pounded thin, lightly breaded, sautéed tender and golden brown with crispy darker edges — was delicious.

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CTbites: September 9, 2016

wc-press-ctbites-09092016The 9th edition of this meat-and-music-centric fair featured grilled and smoked food from area restaurants and food trucks but the real action was at the CTbites Demo Tent where 5 chefs rocked it out and dished out crowd pleasing, meat-heavy samples.

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WestportNow: Sept 3, 2016

wc-press-westportnow-09032016-150“Joe Farrell, co-owner of Westport’s Rothbard Ale + Larder, a rathskeller restaurant in the basement of the old Westport Town Hall, serves up a warm pretzel today to a customer at the Blues, Views, and BBQ Festival. A large variety of foods were available in the Westport Library parking lot, in addition to play activities and music.”

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PS by Macaron Hoarder: August 28, 2016

wc-press-psbymh-08282016“I don’t really care sounding incredibly biased when I say that there is nothing disappointing about Rothbard. The first time I sat at the bar for dinner, I thought I walked back into Oxford. Or somewhere in Berlin.

It’s the European pub with the understated, modern finishes to make the sophisticated American comfortable. The dim lighting is alluring, but not dark. The seating is stylish and comfortable, but not heavily worn.

The menu is simple, but the meal tastes as beautiful as it looks.”

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